My Least Favourite Time of Year

moose and calves 3Spring boosts a time of renewal, maple syrup, animals out of hibernation, new fur babies being born, the smelt run, fishing season opens and the waterways team with new life.  The trees awaken and the hills in Almaguin Highlands become full and green, with carpets of trillium and other woodland flowers beneath.  So why then do I dread this time of year????  Well, it is bug season!  A short lived nuisance maybe but it makes me annoyed and cranky.  I have been told that the little black fly creature is responsible for the pollination of Blue Berries…..really…. that is the least of their purpose because I believe they really here to keep me indoors, miss the good weather by being trapped in screened rooms and make me become a 1black flies are heretester of every bug potion, home remedy and bug repelling gadget on the market.

Our spring weather arrived late, with an abundance of rain keeping everything very cool and wet. The tiny black fly reveled in this perfect weather condition and enticed his cousin mosquito whine a lot to join the party and not just an evening soiree.  Oh No, they decided to make this an extended all day and night affair with millions of guests.  Being outside keeps me grounded, focused, stress free and is my main source of refuge for unwinding from a hectic schedule.  Not during this season however…I get frustrated – swatting the air, out of breath – jogging on the spot and itchy from head to toe the minute I step outdoors.  Ok, maybe I have grossly exaggerated the bug problem but my reaction to them is very real.

When I hear so many people saying that spring is the best season I just interject  ” Bah Hum Bug”

At a new listing on Doe Lake today (a bit of drizzling rain)  there was a delightful, warm, brisk breeze blowing off the water….Not a bug in sight….ahhhhh1little doe

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Easter In The Almaguin Highlands

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Easter weekend.  Friends and Family have sunny days while they visit.  Many of the Almaguin residents are outdoors doing yard clean up even though a bit of snow is still here on north slopes lake iceand where it was plowed up.  Real Estate showings are very plentiful because of the lack of listings in the area.  Prices also have risen being a seller’s market and many people thinking of making a move have taken advantage of this very active season to sell their properties.

Please remember as a buyer wanting to get the property that is right for you …choose a local agent, make sure your finances are in order for the purchase, give enough notice to be able to view the properties when your agent will be able to set up the appointments and make sure the properties are still available.  With buyers coming last minute with no notice, many are disappointed that the properties they wished to view are unavailable or sold.  Working with a local Realtor® will keep you informed on the current lisice going off laketings and listings that may be coming on the market.  Also the ice is still on the Lakes so shorelines are difficult to view.

Please contact me to list your property or if you re looking to buyer in the Almaguin Highlands….I do not work out of my area in order to give you the best local knowledge available which translates in the best deal for you.

The days are getting longer with more hours of sunlight….I really appreciate the morning sunrise….this was taken April 1/17.april sunrise

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March Break in Almaguin

March has lived up to the cold windy departure of winter.  Temperatures above freeC&C feb 26 c 2017zing and mild just to plummet to more than -20 C at night and then a cold week for March Break with temperatures cold day and night but we are having some sun.  The cold makes it possible to walk on the snow in the woodlands and throughout the trails without snowshoes which my dogs are thoroughly enjoying.

Visitors to the area are enjoying ice skating at the various outdoor movingskatingboyvenues in the many Villages of Almaguin.  There is also skiing both downhill and cross-country.  Families are enjoying their children getting to know their cousins staying for the week while off school.  Ice Forts, Snow Sculptures decorate the lawns and school yards with interesting pieces to admire.


Magnetawan Central School (Photo from Almaguin News)


Other visitors are here to take the opportunity to view properties so they may make a purchase before the many buyers flood the area looking for a cottage or home as spring arrives. With listings limited it is important to discuss what features are a priority so the REALTOR the buyer is work with will screen the properties most suitable and make obtaining the right property possible.




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Almaguin Enjoying Spring Temperatures



My daughter Christine and I shoveling a doorway of a cottage for a buyer viewing

Still high snow banks and icy parking lots but the pavement and shrubs are peeking through the ice and snow.  With about 2 feet on the ground, it is still necessary to use snowshoes to show many seasonal properties.  Buyers are anxious to come up and view the properties that they wish to purchase by spring, so hopefully the melt continues and an spring comes early to the Almaguin Highlands



Grandsons Alan and Christopher and my daughter Michelle hanging out at home.

Family Day was fantastic and many chose to spend it in our parks skating, skiing or just hanging out in the sunshinimg_20160606_081454e.  I combined a little work with play and family.  Even my dog Corona had an exhausting but very happy day with her family.




There has been so much sales activity in the past few weeks, all realtors are scrambling to list properties to satisfy the needs of the many buyers coming to purchase


2 Days……..SOLD

Many different types of properties are in demand…homes in the many Villages of Almaguin, vacant land for recreation and waterfront cottages.  If you have been considering a move this might be to perfect time to do so in this busy market time and I would be happy to work with you.  Don’t wait too late in the spring to get your property exposed and well marketed to all the potential Buyers we now have coming to the area. Give me a call to see what your property is worth to determine whether or not you are interested in listing.




Ice on the river breaking up with these few mild temperature days

Buyers please remember as you are traveling these next few mild days it is very foggy without sunshine because of the the large amount of cold snow along the roadways…drive safe.


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Almaguin…A Winter Delight

Hi Everyone,  It has been  a few months since I have updated my blog and what can I Happens.  Many things have changed personally for me in the past few months, like many of you I now have to deal with an aging parent that needs assistance.  I am very grateful to have this extra time with my mom however it has certainly been an adjustment for both of us.

Real estate however continues to move quickly with the shift to a seller’s market making it difficult for buyers to move quickly enough to purchase what they have viewed. I listed and sold two properties this sold winterpast month selling within 2 days at full asking price.  This kind of activity, although common in the large urban centres, does not give  Buyers a great deal of time to research the necessary data on the property.  It is more important than ever to use a local REALTOR® to protect your interest and make sure you have the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Yes, the Snow in Almaguin is deep however our technology helps you make a purchase or sell much easier by having seasonal google earth views of properties and up to date summer photos.  With these types of ibarn from porchmages as a buyer you are able to determine what is lying beneath the snow and not get a surprise in the spring that leaves you with the cost and inconvenience of many trips to the land fill.  Technology can also assist in viewing shorelines of waterfront properties or elevations of lots which helps the agent better promote the sellers property.  The snow however does make it difficult if not impossible to check septic systems and roof shingles  so documentation on these items is important to obtain

Aerial drones also give a great perspective of the overall property and surroundings.  With many of these tools winter sales of properties are soaring and most Buyers are no longer waiting until spring to make their purchaimg_20170208_111118se.  In the area? Stop into our new location and let me know what I can do for you.  I wouimg_20170208_114453ld love to chat and discuss your real estate needs so we can start working together right away

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Snow in the Almaguin Highlands Nov. 26

IMG_20151123_132056Snow has arrived a bit late this year which is fantastic for those of us who shovel or travel the highways regularly…not so good for those the earn their living plowing snow, many IMG_20151123_131909winter sports,visitors looking for that winter wonderland and those who just love the snow.

Once bACK YARD TO RIVERagain we must remember that the days are much shorter so it does get dark very early about 5 pm.  If you are coming to Almaguin Highlands for the day to enjoy the outdoors allow yourself time in the morning and early afternoon to view nature.  Also if you are coming to the area for Real Estate showings should be booked  early in the day so a good viewing of the exteriors is possible.  Many new listings have become available, so just drop me line on what you are looking for and I will send you the information on listings that meet your needs.Christmas Poster 2015 for internet

The area Santa parades, Christmas Tree lighting and Holiday Festivities will soon be in various Villages of Almaguin so plan to take in a event or two. If you live in Almaguin shopping local supports jobs, local businesses and organizations which keep our communities thriving.

Here I am as Mrs Claus at our Burk’s Falls Santa Parade… and no that is not a lemon I am handing2013 Santa Parade 2013 12 out it is a clementine and a candy cane.  All the children visit Santa after the Parade, then Hot Chocolate and cookies at Legion where the parade ends.  A wonderful outing for families whether you are local and in the parade or visiting to view it.

Other local and interesting family outings may include a horse pulled wagon through the snow laden trees.  Just outside of Burk’s Falls you will find the Hammond Family Ranch so book your sleigh-ride soon.  Although it is raining today and tIMG_1095he snow has dissipated it will be back by next week and they should be ready for December bookings. Visit their website at: Hammond Family Ranch


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Seasons Slipping Away Nov. 3

What a fantastic summer we had in the Almaguin Highlands!  to AhmicWell attended events throughout the Villages of Almaguin, plenty of warm sunny days and just enough rain to keep the fire ban away all summer long.  IMG_2435We had a great number visitors to our area with many taking advantage of the more “off the beaten path” treasures Almaguin has to offer.

Brook’sBrooks Falls Falls near Emsdale is one such place with trails by the Magnetawan River, picnic areas and up close view of the waterfall cascading down over the rocks.  A quiet place to relax and unwind by soaking up all nature has to offer and is a perfect place for adventure in any season.

The Beautiful Restoule Provincial park is a picturesque family get away destination just a few km past the Village of Restoule.  Tall pines and mature trees line the edge of the river and lake with some campsites available cottage moose visitorat the water’s edge.rock at waters edge  Fantastic fishing for the outdoor enthusiast and the area is filled wildlife to photograph and admire (keep your IMG_2775distance of course).  On the outskirts of the village are many artisans that have back road boutiques with unique one of a kind items.

Our Fall lake in fallcolour was short lived this year and although the colours where beautiful as always we did not get the vibrant mixed colours at one time.  Many of the hard Maples had dropped there leaves before the sugar maples had their full colour.  On a bright note however the hills were still lovely for those visiting the area on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Spring treetops

Now the hills aCloverhil main picre grey with beautiful green contrast as the woodlands prepare for the snow soon to come.

Please remember hunting season is upon us so CH5wear bright orange when out walking or hiking and put vests on your dogs as well in case they wander off.  This is a wonderful time of year to drive the back roads and view all the lakes and streams that the summer foliage was hiding.

Real Estate has been incredibly active this year with new people relocating to our beautiful AlmaguinMay 16 2015 Highlands.  Some moving here permanently others buying cottages and investors have discovered what an undiscovered potential lies in our area.  To all the new people in our area Welcome!  This area fills the heart and sole with awe…. never to taken for granted.

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